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10 Vietnamese startups compete in the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2024 final round

The competition’s organizing committee “Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2024 – Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2024 – QVIC 2024” has just announced the list of 10 startups selected for the incubation round, preparing for the final competition.

The 10 start-ups come from key technology fields such as smart cities, robotics, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart agriculture, artificial intelligence (AI), and many other fields.

Selected start-ups include:

  • AirCity – facial recognition device for gate access control; 
  • DeltaX – efficient and affordable Delta robot line; 
  • GoTrust – Medipay – Self-service Kiosk providing automated health care services; 
  • HSPTEK – anti-static real-time monitoring wearable device; 
  • MET EV – Affordable smart E2W with AI power;
  • Olli Technologies – an AI-powered operating system that brings toys to life; 
  • Palexy – turns any retail camera into a powerful BI system;
  • Realtime Robotics – the world’s first AI-based multi-camera gimbal;
  • Vbee – conversational AI platform, focusing on the financial industry;
  • VOXCool – an IoT-integrated refrigeration battery to decarbonize the cold chain.

These startups were selected based on multiple criteria, including technical capabilities, innovative products, and patentable technologies, and relevance and relevance to the transition process: national digital transformation and Vietnam’s 4th industrial revolution.

According to the organizers, the teams entering the final round will receive financial support worth 10.000 USD/for each team to continue developing the project in the next 6 months while participating in the incubation phase.

The program includes technical assistance, business coaching, and intellectual property knowledge training. At the same time, teams will be supported with patent filing costs up to 5.000 USD each and have the opportunity to win cash prizes worth 100.000, 75.000, and 50.000 USD in the final competition.

Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC)

Officially launched on December 12, the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge is organized to identify and nurture innovative startups operating in Vietnam's potential technology sector.

The program, supported by Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology, aims to develop an emerging technology ecosystem by finding and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that are designing 5G products, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart cities, wearables, and multimedia.

Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam - general director of Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand - commented: "Vietnam is a key region to nurture innovative talent and startups as well as businesses." small and medium-sized businesses, playing an important role in promoting digital transformation and Vietnam's economic growth."

“We look forward to witnessing the impact of these solutions in shaping Vietnam's technology landscape and contributing to Vietnam's continued success,” Mr. Nam expected.