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150 Startups and 80 Investors seek collaboration opportunities at InnoEx

InnoEx is a prominent event in the startup ecosystem, bringing together 150 top startups and 80 investors to explore collaboration opportunities. Held annually in Ho Chi Minh City in August, the event is organized by reputable organizations such as YBA, BSSC, and IBP. With a mission to foster innovation, and sustainable growth, and create valuable collaboration opportunities for startups, InnoEx has become an unmissable destination for those interested in startups and investment.

Exploring the diversity of participants and the value of InnoEx.

Selection and evaluation process of 150 Startups at InnoEx

In 2023, from 2116 applications from 34 countries across 5 continents, the organizers selected 150 outstanding business models, divided into two categories: Vietnam and International. The selection criteria included innovation, sustainability potential, and collaboration potential.

Percentage distribution of startups by industry at InnoEx 2023

Notable startups included Earable, with its advanced healthcare technology, and Alterno, with its sustainable energy solutions, attracting investor attention. These companies not only bring innovation but also create significant collaboration opportunities in critical areas such as healthcare and green energy. The diversity of participating startups highlights the rich collaboration potential at InnoEx, fostering an open and promising networking environment for businesses and investors.

Presence of 80 Investors at InnoEx

InnoEx gathers 80 Investors from venture capital, angel, and CVC, PE, VC investment funds:

Investor-type distribution at the InnoEx 2023 exhibition

These investors bring valuable experience and resources, enabling startups to grow rapidly and sustainably. Numerous successful deals from previous InnoEx events demonstrate the event’s significant collaboration potential. Businesses and investors participate to seek collaboration and mutual growth opportunities.

Benefits of InnoEx 2024 participation for Startups, Investors, and the ecosystem

  • For Startups: Access to funding, mentorship, and market expansion opportunities. Startups meet and receive support from experienced investors and mentors, facilitating effective business development and expansion.
  • For Investors: Discover innovative solutions and early-stage investment opportunities. Investors identify promising projects and contribute to the growth of startups.
  • For the Ecosystem: Promote innovation and sustainable economic development, creating abundant collaboration opportunities. InnoEx not only connects startups and investors but also plays a crucial role in developing the startup ecosystem in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Prospects and sustainable development commitment of InnoEx

InnoEx will continue to evolve and expand, creating new collaboration opportunities. The organizers are committed to supporting startups and investors post-event, maintaining and developing collaboration opportunities. InnoEx goes beyond being a destination for businesses and investors seeking collaboration; it drives innovation and sustainable development within the startup ecosystem. InnoEx promises to continue creating meaningful events, delivering value to all stakeholders, and contributing to economic and social progress.


InnoEx is a pivotal event fostering collaboration between startups and investors, contributing to the development of the innovation ecosystem and economic growth. The combination of startup diversity and investor experience creates an open and promising networking environment.

Join InnoEx to not miss out on valuable collaboration opportunities. Explore and participate in future InnoEx events to create breakthroughs in the ‘startup’ world.

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