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The Event is open to all persons who are of legal age and capacity. By entering the promotion, each entrant acknowledges and warrants that they have the legal capacity to enter into a binding agreement as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

Access to the Event area is strictly limited to successfully registered members (Attendees).

INNOEX reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse entry to or remove from the Event any Attendee who it reasonably suspects has violated or breached any of these Terms and Conditions.



2.1. Event Admission Tickets

Event admission tickets will be issued in the form of e-tickets and will be sent to each attendee’s email address (or paper invitations for each event). Each admission ticket is valid for only one (01) attendee and can only be used to register for the event once. Attendees are responsible for keeping their ticket information confidential. INNOEX will not be responsible for any disclosed Event Admission Ticket information.

Attendees may be required to present identification if INNOEX needs to verify the attendee’s information against the registration information. The attendee’s event information must match the information on the registered and confirmed ticket.

2.2. Ticket Prices

Ticket prices include all applicable taxes and delivery fees (if any).

Gifts and benefits included with the ticket cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be deducted from the ticket price, even if the purchaser declines to receive the benefits.

INNOEX may adjust ticket prices at any time, depending on the promotional program at the time. These price changes will not affect confirmed registrations.

2.3. Confirmation of Booking

INNOEX will confirm and issue electronic tickets for the event within 07 (two) business days after receiving successful payment for the order.

Electronic tickets will be sent to customers via email according to the original registration information.

If the Attendee does not receive a booking confirmation within this period, please contact INNOEX for clarification.

2.4. Refunds

Issued tickets will not be refunded.

2.5. Individual Tickets and Group Tickets

For individual tickets: Each individual ticket is only for one (1) attendee based on the original registration information and confirmed by INNOEX.

For group registration tickets: The registrant must provide and confirm the information of all attendees in the group to INNOEX no later than 05 (five) days before the event. If the attendee information is not confirmed by the deadline, INNOEX reserves the right to deny entry even if the attendee presents a ticket at the event.

2.6. Reservations and Transfers

Event admission tickets have been confirmed and issued for each event and cannot be reserved or transferred to other INNOEX events.

If the Attendee requests to transfer the ticket/change the attendee’s information, they must send a notification along with the transferee’s information to INNOEX no later than 10 (ten) days before the event date. This transfer/change of information can only be done once.



Except for the event agenda, other factors such as time, venue, content, speakers, etc. may change in special cases. When there are any significant changes, INNOEX will update regularly on the homepage.

In case of force majeure, INNOEX may cancel or postpone a ticketed event, ticket buyers will be notified, all rights of ticket buyers will be reserved and converted to equivalent rights for the next event. INNOEX is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the cancellation or postponement of the event.



With the event code of conduct, INNOEX aims to bring the most standard and professional style to the events. INNOEX aims to create open and respectful discussion spaces, where all attendees can discuss important topics on global economics, business, finance and technology.

  • Event attendees must honestly and transparently declare their name, title, company and business sector in all interactions with other participants throughout the event.
  • Event attendees must dress professionally, elegantly, and in accordance with the standards and quality of the Event.
  • Event attendees must behave professionally, civilly, politely and in accordance with Vietnamese customs and current Vietnamese law.
  • Attendees are not allowed to livestream during the event to avoid affecting the quality of the event.
  • Any acts of disrespect to others, extremism, disruption or harassment will be required to leave the Event.
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited at INNOEX events.

The Code of Conduct applies to all events, may be amended at any time and is non-negotiable.



By attending the Event, the participant agrees to grant INNOEX the right to use the participant’s image at the event and/or content provided by the participant for advertising, commercial and/or communication purposes on INNOEX’s platforms without prior notice to the participant and without having to pay any benefits.

Attendees may videotape, audiotape, and photograph the event for personal use. However, attendees may not use the audio recordings, recordings, or videos for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of INNOEX.


To ensure the rights and privacy of individuals attending the event, INNOEX is committed to implementing measures to protect the personal information of Event Attendees as follows:

Personal information of Event Attendees will only be used for the purpose of organizing the event and will be stored for the necessary period.

INNOEX will apply technical and security safeguards to protect the personal information of individuals attending the event from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.



INNOEX shall not be liable or legally responsible for any views or content expressed by speakers or guests at the event.

In the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, epidemics, or other circumstances beyond its control, INNOEX shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by individuals attending the event.

In the event that individuals attending the event intentionally or unintentionally cause loss or damage to themselves or others, INNOEX shall not be liable for such loss or damage.

In the event of a technical failure at the event venue, INNOEX will endeavor to rectify the failure as soon as possible. However, in the event that the technical failure cannot be rectified within a short period of time, INNOEX shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by individuals attending the event.



These Terms and Conditions are effective from 1/1/2024.

INNOEX reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Please contact if you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions.