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InnoEx Forum: A Convergence of Innovative Minds

At InnoEx Forum, every conversation, and every discussion is an opportunity to broaden horizons, share knowledge, and lay the groundwork for the next innovative experiments.

What is the International InnoEx Forum about?

The International InnoEx Forum is an annual event held in Vietnam. It serves as a meeting point for leaders, entrepreneurs, and top experts from various fields both domestically and internationally, to share insights on innovative business practices.

Therefore, the InnoEx Forum is a platform to explore the latest trends and exchange knowledge and experiences and an opportunity for business leaders to seek collaboration, investment, and mutual development.

What is the scale of the forum?

The InnoEx Forum is the premier event for entrepreneurs, senior managers, experts, and international investors from around the world. With over 1000 CEOs, this large-scale event provides an ideal environment for sharing experiences, learning, and creating new cooperation opportunities.


  • CEOs who attend the forum gain a competitive edge by staying updated on new trends across various sectors, understanding the business environment in the host country, and establishing new relationships with other CEOs. This is crucial for CEOs to develop sound business strategies.
  • Policy planners can also benefit from attending the forum by understanding practical issues and key trends affecting the competitiveness of the business community. The insights gained can aid in policy formulation, ensuring that policies are relevant and effective.
  • The general public can also derive significant value from attending the forum. By staying updated on the latest economic information, attendees can stay proactive amidst changes in the new era. The forum features experienced experts and business leaders who provide valuable perspectives on the latest trends and challenges, enabling attendees to make informed decisions.

Main Activities at InnoEx Forum

InnoEx Forum is the ultimate destination for leaders and entrepreneurs who aspire to network, discuss cutting-edge technological products, and showcase their innovative ideas. 

Keynotes and Panel Discussions

The sharing sessions and discussions at the Forum are always the highlights, not only of the InnoEx Forum but also of the entire innovation and creativity event. Speakers share professional knowledge, practical experiences, and the latest trends in the industry.

Additionally, it is a space for stakeholders to exchange views on pressing issues and create long-term cooperation opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

InnoEx Forum provides space for networking and interaction through parties and engaging entertainment activities. This is also a new feature of the Forum in 2024.

In its inaugural year, InnoEx Forum garnered attention from the Vietnamese and international business communities (Singapore, Hong Kong), inviting a series of CEOs from large corporations and reputable industry experts in the region as speakers.

Attendees had the rare opportunity to hear diverse viewpoints from various fields such as technology, finance, healthcare, education, etc., all revolving around key issues such as economic development, innovation, sustainable development, investment opportunities, and cross-sectoral cooperation.

Attending InnoEx Forum 2024

InnoEx Forum is a continuously developing platform that creates opportunities for breakthrough cooperation and investment. It plays a significant role in positioning Vietnam within the ASEAN community and globally, contributing to the country’s economic progress and beyond. As the forum continues to evolve, it will foster further cooperation and investment, resulting in breakthroughs that will positively impact Vietnam’s economy and beyond.


Along with the International InnoEx 2024 event, the InnoEx Forum 2024 will officially return in August. The program promises to bring together top CEOs from Vietnam and internationally. This is an excellent opportunity for leaders embodying the spirit of ‘Entrepreneurs’ to network, exchange knowledge, and gain diverse perspectives on a market that is undergoing significant changes every day.