Mr. Chris Kim is the Partner at TheVentures – a Seoul-Ho Chi Minh City-Singapore-based VC firm that has invested in more than 170 early-stage startups all over the world. This year, TheVentures has raised a new fund that will primarily invest in startups in Vietnam.

Prior to Sellit’s success, Chris failed in his first two businesses. Living in a cubbyhole, he founded Sellit, a second-hand electronics trading service. A year later, as TheVentures’ first exit case, Sellit was successfully acquired by Kakao. After the acquisition, Chris led Sellit’s merger with Bunjang. Prior to joining TheVentures as the Partner, Chris worked as a Chief Commerce Officer in Bunjang since the merger with Sellit and Bunjang in 2017.

Chris had witnessed the dynamic transition of the startup ecosystem in Korea while founding and operating his own startup. He is now residing in Ho Chi Minh City with his family, with a genuine hope to build something great together here.