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Mr. Lam Ngoc Minh

CEO Lien A

As the eldest son in a family of 6 brothers, Lam Ngoc Minh had great expectations from his father, when he directed his son to study chemistry at Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology and let him work at the Lien production facility. Asia right from the second year (1995).

At that time, during a visit to a fair and saw PU mattress products imported from Thailand, Minh had an intention to apply this outstanding technology in mattress production in Vietnam. After that, Minh traveled to Malaysia to learn and learn about this production technology. At that time, when the motorcycle assembly movement in Vietnam flourished, he boldly proposed that his father shift production to Lien A. Using knowledge from the lecture hall, he and his father researched, accessed raw materials and invested in machinery to produce PU saddles. After that, Lien A became famous as the only unit in Vietnam to produce PU motorcycle saddles with better durability and elasticity than ordinary rubber saddles on the market. From that success, Lien A transformed from a family production facility into a private company and in 2000, young Lam Ngoc Minh was promoted to Deputy Director of the Company.

By 2002, the State issued a policy to restrict the assembly of motorcycles, and a series of Lien A’s partners had to close down. Due to the implementation of the policy for partners to pillow capital, at that time, Lien A faced difficulties when it could not turn around capital. While other agents did not accept Lien A’s products, Mr. Minh turned to convince the Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam wholesale system to distribute Lien A’s products.

In 2002, being accepted by Metro, the name Lien A became known to many people and agents also began to accept the distribution of goods for Lien A. In the domestic market, with the mindset to understand and meet all customer requirements, Lien A has boldly improved from brand identity to product creation. Those changes are small, but they are achieved the satisfaction of most of its customers and helped Lien A keep its market share growth constant at 20-25% for many years.

Particularly in 2013, while the whole market declined, Lien A still maintained a growth rate of 17%, with a total revenue of nearly 239 billion VND, ensuring a stable income for nearly 400 employees. In addition to the retail market, Lien A also focuses on quality and puts products into hotel and resort projects. Currently, Lien A products can meet the standards of using mattresses of 4-star resorts or more such as mattresses must be durable, odorless, meet fire retardant standards… Not stopping at the domestic market, Mr. Minh also brought Lien A to conquer foreign markets.

In 2012, Lien A was certified as an enterprise accounting for 98% of mattress goods from Vietnam to the United States.