Director, Tra Vinh Business Incubator
Director, The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tra Vinh University

Positions and working unit:

  • Principal lecturer, PhD student, Master of Banking and Finance.
  • Director of Tra Vinh Business Incubator;
  • Director of The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tra Vinh University;
  • Member of the National Innovation Start-up Advisory Council;
  • Vice Chairman of Tra Vinh Start-up Advisory Council;
  • Chief Coordinator of the Mekong Delta Start-up Support Network;
  • Leader of Tra Vinh University’s Startup Advisory and Support Expert Group.

Professional experience:

  • More than 06 years of experience in training and mentoring startup projects.
  • Judging and mentoring for many startup competitions in Tra Vinh province (organized by Tra Vinh Provincial Union, Department of Science and Technology of Tra Vinh Province, Tra Vinh Women’s Union, Tra Vinh University, Tra Vinh SME Project).
  • Organizing many competitions and major events on start-ups at school, regional and international scale.
  • Advisor to Tra Vinh University Student Cooperative.
  • Author of 10 books on entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.

Educational background:

  • 2006-2010: Bachelor of Economics from Can Tho University.
  • 2007-2011: Bachelor of Banking and Finance from Can Tho University.
  • 2012-2014: Master of Banking and Finance from Can Tho University.
  • 2021-present: Ph.D. student in banking and finance at Tra Vinh University.

Certifications for entrepreneurship: 

  • Vietnam record: Edited the most books on entrepreneurship knowledge and skills published, used as materials for entrepreneurship training programs at colleges and universities.
  • Mentoring innovative start-ups that create social impact.
  • Innovative entrepreneurship training program.
  • Manage startup projects and build an innovative startup ecosystem.
  • TOT Entrepreneurship Course for trainers.