Chairman, Fiore Group - Global Investment Fund Joint Stock Company

Mr. Phan Hung Dung has more than 25 years of experience working in multinational corporations and companies, many years as an Investor, CEO in many fields. He is both a key member of many organizations and business associations, as well as being a companion and inspiration for startup projects and competitions such as Luong Van Can Talent Award, Startup Wheel, Business Startup, etc. He specializes in investing in businesses and accompanies entrepreneurs with dreams and ambitions to build Unicorn Startups. By the end of Q2 2023, he has been consulting and investing for more than 10 businesses and will continue to expand strongly to accompany and support more businesses.

Memorable milestones on Mr. Phan Hung Dung’s career journey.

• In 2002, established An Gia Design and Construction Company.

• In 2012, Fiore Healthy Resort was officially put into operation based on the criterion of directing people to a life close to nature, fresh and pure. Thereby upholding the value of nature and environment in each of our lives.

• In 2021, started construction of the Educational Farm Project – Fiore House with the mission of raising awareness of environmental protection.

• In 2022, establish the Global Investment Fund, accompanying and supporting many enterprises in strategic planning and organizational restructuring to make a breakthrough in business activities, join hands to build a strong and wealth Vietnam.

• In 2023, Mr. Phan Hung Dung received a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Hawaii (USA) and established the project “Business Consulting” to further support the Vietnamese SMEs community.