Chairman of CBA AG

Mr. Thomas Ungchun Yi  is very energetic leader and mentor offering more than 30 years of cross-border transaction experience, know-how, and network capability within the space of current 4th Industry, IT, High-Technology, FMC, and the space of large mega infrastructure projects on the global marketplace.

Also, in-depth knowledge and experience, regarding how global companies, revenue models, tools, and trends are created and managed to achieve rapid and substantial growth.

Furthermore, a specialist in the global perspective of understanding strategic planning; mergers and acquisitions; corporate and business development; global marketing; and operations management, not to mention from the incubations, acceleration, and series of fundraising to till the IPO space, i.e., from and the start to end of its journey of the lifecycle.

The global network of staff, associates, and partners around the world, starting from the UK, Swiss, Austria, Israel, Turkey, UAE, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the US, i.e., a truly global player.

Graduated from “The University of Sydney” in Australia, with a Bachelor of Science, and major in both Computer science and Pure Mathematics. Both are very fluent in Korean and English and survival level of proficiency in Japanese and Mandarin.