CEO, VinBrain - VinGroup

Mr. Steven Truong is the Founder and CEO of VinBrain, a subsidiary of Vingroup, the largest conglomerate in Vietnam. He has been in the AI and software industry for more than 26 years, and has held senior leadership positions in top technology companies in the USA and Canada, including Microsoft, Honeywell, and IntelliCommunities. Before he formed VinBrain, he was the Director of AI Incubation and Engineering at Microsoft in the USA, reporting directly to the VP of MSAI. Mr. Steven Truong has led multi-development center teams at Microsoft and has been a key innovation initiator for AI products that have been used by millions of users worldwide, such as Email Smart Reply and iRanker

Mr. Steven Truong established VinBrain with the mission to infuse AI and IoT to improve human lives and productivity. He has led his team to deploy DrAid – the 1st AI-powered doctor assistant in Vietnam – to more than 100 hospitals across VIetname and the USA. VinBrain also served thousands of Vietnamese COVID-19 patients through VinBrain’s second flagship product, AIviCare, for telehealth. VinBrain won ACM SIGAI Industry Award in 2021 – previously, Microsoft was the only winner