Representative Director,
Campfire Startups

Mr. Yoshito Denawa is Founder and CEO of CF Startups Inc. Certified Public Accountant and Tax Accountant. 

Mr. Yoshito Denawa was born in Makinohara City, Japan in 1961. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in 1983, He started his career in 1983 as an IPO consultant at Ohta Showa (currently EY Shin-Nihon Audit Firm) before establishing D.Brain Securities Co., Ltd. in 1997. The company led the GreenSheet market, a pre-IPO stock market operated by The Japan Securities Dealers Association, with more than 90% market share. He as the CEP of the company helped 141 startups to raise 11 billion yen on Green Sheet. The company started the underwriting business on local stock exchanges in Japan and underwrote 14 newly listed companies as the lead underwriter. He resigned the CEO of the company in 2010 due to the sharp decline in IPOs after the world financial crisis in 2008. 

He established CF Startups, Inc. in 2015, when the financial law was reformed and the “equity investment crowdfunding” (ECF) replaced the GreenSheet under the renewed law. The company supported 19 startups to raise fund through ECF from 2017 to 2022. In 2018 he inherited the Denawa Accounting Firm in Makinohara City, founded by his father in 1971. CF Startups is also operating a membership organization for CVCs (Corporate Venture Capitals) in Japan. The members of the organization are mainly large listed companies. CF Startups is providing the members with the information of startups as investment opportunities. He planed and operated the “MakiChalle” in 2022, a unique event held by Makinohara-city government, the purpose of which was to make collaboration between traditional existing local industries and startups from all over the world. He is currently preparing “Makichalle2023” as well.