Director of Taiwan Trade Center Representative Office in HCMC (TAITRA)

With the experience in trade promotion and development, Ms. Yu is leading TAITRA HCMC to become a  bridge between Vietnam and Taiwan on Trade and Development, building strong  bilateral cooperation between both sides. Develop partnerships with Taiwan  Industries and Trade & Business Associations in the southern region of Vietnam.

She also compiled the “Taiwan Cleantech Landscape”, promoting and assisting the global  linkage of Taiwan’s green products and low-carbon system solutions to expand the  global market. Taiwan Cleantech Landscape presents the achievements Taiwanese  companies have reached in the areas of “Built Environment,” “Retrofits” and “Micro-  grids.” The publication of this map aims to demonstrate to the world that Taiwan can  and will be a responsible stakeholder in the face of climate change.

She was the Show Manager of COMPUTEX, InnoVEX 2015-2017. COMPUTEX, one of the world’s leading ICT trade shows since 1981, launched brand  new exhibit dedicated to startups in 2016. With a series of events such as Display,  Forum, Demo, Pitch and Networking, InnoVEX will make a splash in maximizing  innovative, technology and investing. COMPUTEX has grown, transformed with the industry, and established its reputation  as the world’s leading platform. The expo will continue with the theme “Together we  create”, featuring the latest tech trends: High-Performance Computing, Artificial  Intelligence Applications, Next-Gen Connectivity, Hyperreality, Innovations and  Startups, and Sustainability.

About TAITRA: Founded in 1970, TAITRA is Taiwan’s foremost nonprofit trade promoting  organization with 1,300 specialists and operates 62 branches worldwide. Sponsored by the  government and industry organizations, TAITRA assists enterprises to expand their global  reach. TAITRA held 40+ Taiwan Trade shows and 300+ promotion activities, serving  80,000+ enterprises and 100,000+ buyers for business matching each year.