ITI Fund

Ms. Dang Thi Kieu My (Kimmy) is Director of ITI Fund, responsible for leading investments, driving portfolio growth strategies, and cultivating networks within the fund’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With over 13 years in investment management and asset oversight, Ms. Kimmy has held leadership roles at prominent entities, including Dragon Capital VietFund Management, Manulife Vietnam Asset Management Company (MAMV), AIP Foundation, and Vietsin Joint Venture Company. Starting in 2021, she has been participating in pioneering initiatives such as transitioning to open-end funds and designing investment instruments for Vietnam’s dynamic market. In 2016, Ms. Kieu My was named MAMV’s official spokesperson, making her the youngest spokesperson for a publicly-traded fund management entity.

Prior to joining ITI Fund, Ms. Kimmy served as Head of Business Development at AIP, where she orchestrated capital mobilization and partnership expansion there across regions including Thailand, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Denmark. Under Ms. Kimmy leadership, AIP attracted over 3 million USD for community and non-profit initiatives from international entities and multinational corporations.

In addition to her financial expertise, Ms. Kimmy is dedicated to supporting startup community in Vietnam. She is an adjudicator, speaker, and advisor in esteemed startup competitions such as Startup Wheel 2023, Social Business Creation 2023, IU Start-Up 2023, CiC 2022… She contributes to innovation discourse through participation in forums such as the Vietnam Agriculture Investment Forum 2022 and seminars at respected academic institutions including Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh City and Ho Chi Minh City University of Science.

Ms. Kimmy graduated from Fulbright University Vietnam with a Master of Public Policy degree concentrating in Leadership and Management with Cum Laude honor. In addition, she holds a Fund Management Certificate issued by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam.