Founder of JungleBird Agency
Co-founder of ChatLicense

Serial entrepreneur Martine de Leeuw has 15+ years of marketing & PR experience for retail, finance and tech companies & startups. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she lived abroad in multiple countries. Currently she is living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Martine is an Epic Angels investor and founder and owner of both an impact PR agency as an EdTech company. Before moving to Kuala Lumpur she used to live in the Philippines and owned a for profit social enterprise.

Martine is an impact maker driven by the movement of ‘doing good by doing business’. She likes to connect people and businesses and realize change together. All her work have in common that social change is made while scaling the business to make more impact for all involved.

As mom of two kids she is determined to make a change for the next generation with her EdTech company ChatLicense. This brand new app prepares families for their child’s first smartphone as it guides both parents and kids in the online world. The app connects family in their journey while kids play a scientifically validated smartphone experience game and parents stay up to date with an information portal. As part of #responsbiletech mission of the Dutch government the company already joined the start-up mission to CES Las Vegas and TNW Amsterdam this year.