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Navigating Success: A Spotlight on Southeast Asia’s Top Funded Startups of 2023

In the burgeoning landscape of Southeast Asia, a region teeming with innovation and vast economic potential, the emergence of startups is not merely a testament to the power of innovation but also presents a wealth of opportunities for investors to observe and support.

2023 marked a significant turnaround with 167 successful funding deals, breaking a three-year streak of only receiving 151 investments exceeding expectations in Q3. Notably, the e-commerce giant Lazada accounted for nearly a quarter of the total venture capital investments in the region through equity.

The Southeast Asian Market Landscape

Southeast Asia, with its cultural diversity and booming economic growth, stands as a beacon in the global economy. However, this region also faces significant challenges, from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to geopolitical conflicts.

Despite these challenges, they also create opportunities for digitalization and adopting new economic policies.

Five Startups That Successfully Secured Funding

1. KREDIVO - Pioneering in Fintech Trends

KREDIVO, a leading fintech startup from Indonesia, has propelled the growth of digital finance in Southeast Asia. With its flexible business model, KREDIVO offers consumer credit products, enabling shopping on e-commerce and traditional platforms without income-proof requirements. Customers can opt for buy-now-pay-later options or personal consumer loans at competitive interest rates


Remarkably, KREDIVO captivated top investors’ interest by signing a Series D agreement worth $270 million, led by Japan’s Mizuho Bank. Along with partners like Square Peg Capital, Jungle Ventures, and Naver Financial Corporation, KREDIVO has firmly established its mission to shape the future of digital finance.

2.BOLTTECH - Shaping the Future of Insurance

BOLTTECH, an insurtech Unicorn from Singapore, has innovated the insurance industry by creating an ecosystem connecting insurance companies and distribution partners. By leveraging advanced technology, BOLTTECH delivers insurance products tailored to customer needs, enhancing consumer experiences.


Attracting $246 million in Series B funding from investors such as LeapFrog Investments, MetLife, Tokio Marine, and Khazanah Nasional, BOLTTECH has proven its potential and strength in the insurance industry. The integration of technology and dedicated customer service has redefined how the insurance sector operates.

3. CARSOME - Revolutionizing the Car Buying Experience

Malaysian startup CARSOME has revolutionized the used car buying and selling process through its e-commerce platform. By integrating technology and dedicated customer service, CARSOME offers a unique shopping experience. Each car on its platform undergoes thorough inspection and comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring quality for buyers.


CARSOME has drawn significant investor interest, with total funding reaching $607.4 million, highlighting its potential and credibility in the used car industry.

4. EFISHERY - Innovating Aquaculture

EFISHERY, an Indonesian startup, is changing aquaculture practices through advanced technology. Raising $200 million in Series D funding from investors like 42XFund, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP), and other venture capital firms, EFISHERY has demonstrated its strength and potential in this market. Its combination of technology and industry expertise has positioned EFISHERY as a leading startup in Southeast Asian aquaculture.

5.THUOCSI - Connecting the Pharmaceutical Market

Representing Vietnam, THUOCSI has created a platform connecting manufacturers to end consumers in the pharmaceutical industry. By saving time and effort for suppliers and consumers, THUOCSI has attracted top investors’ attention. Raising $51.5 million in Series B funding from investors like Cocoon Capital, UOB Venture, U.S. International Development Finance Corp, and Smilegate Investment, THUOCSI shows the potential to shape Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market.


In Southeast Asia’s challenging yet promising business landscape, startups play a crucial role in driving development and innovation.

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