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Pitch battles of 110 most promising international startups and tech companies screened and curated from 2,000 applicants to Startup Wheel and Green Innovation Fellowship

Startup Wheel 2023

Began in 2013, Startup Wheel has become the largest and most prestigious annual competition in Vietnam for the domestic and international startup community to explore and develop business opportunities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Startup Wheel is the only competition that has two tracks: one for Vietnam's startups and one for international startups

Green Innovation Fellowship 2023

A non-profit annual program designed to discover, support and promote green innovation and sustainability solutions for a sustainable development of businesses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

GIF aims to establish a network of businesses that prioritize green innovation, ESG standards, and sustainable business growth and promote the development and implementation of eco-friendly solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and products that meet ESG standards


Vietnamese and International startups in leading sectors - SaaS, IoT, fintech, agri, edu, health,...
Countries have found this event as a launchpad for their business development in Vietnam market
Partners and Investment funds, VCs, PEs, accelerators from Vietnam and worldwide
Attract 20,000+ talents, technology experts, businesses, startups, consumers